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Who we are

With a legacy spanning 15 years, our trading company has been at the forefront of supplying essential goods to Iraq's dynamic market. As the primary distributor for Koroplast, a globally recognized brand celebrated for its commitment to quality and innovation (, and as the distributor for 'Mr Pratic,' a trusted name in plastic household cleaning goods, we take pride in our role of meeting the diverse needs of both modern retail channels and valued traditional customers.

Koroplast, a pioneer in the industry, stands as a beacon of excellence with its extensive range of household products, ranging from food storage solutions to kitchenware and beyond. Their dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with our own values, ensuring that we deliver not just products, but a promise of quality and reliability to every doorstep.

Our success is not just measured in years but in the relationships forged with our partners and the impact we've made in enhancing households across Iraq. Beyond being distributors, we are enablers of convenience, ensuring our goods seamlessly integrate into the fabric of daily life.

Join us in this enduring venture, where tradition meets modernity, and quality defines every transaction.